Garden Roses for Hot and Sticky Summers


Roses have a reputation, don’t they?

A reputation for romance, first of all. But also a reputation for being fussy to grow.

Truthfully, the wrong rose will be a very fussy rose. But the right one?

The right one will be so very, very right.

Here are some tips and suggestions for those of you looking to grow roses in hot and humid summer gardens:

  • The Antique Rose Emporium is worth a pilgrimage for any rose lover. Located in hot and humid central Texas, the growers there have made rugged roses their specialty.

I have learned so much about both antique and modern roses well adapted to extreme summer conditions by studying their catalog, reading their books, and studying the guides and resources on their website, especially The Rose Reader.


  • David Austin roses may come from cool, green England, but their print catalog lists a number of roses that do well in heat and humidity.

The Ancient Mariner, James Galway, The Generous Gardener, Olivia Rose Austin, Princess Anne are the pink roses mentioned. White roses include Desdemona, Lichfield, Angel, and Windermere. Yellow and apricot roses are The Lark Ascending, Roald Dahl, and Vanessa Bell.

Personally, I have found that Lady of Shalott (picture above) blooms well through a warm and humid Pennsylvania summer. Of the roses mentioned above, The Generous Gardener and Olivia Rose Austin are favorites of mine for their good health and near-constant flowering.


  • Search out easy-care shrub roses rather than high-maintenance hybrid teas (the formal roses that look like they just came from a florist’s shop).

Shrub roses include the Knock Out family of roses and many others, such as Bonica and Belinda’s Dream.


  • Look for rose growers and nurseries in your area.

For instance, a new-to-me resource for Florida gardeners is Angel Gardens in Gainesville, Florida. You will have a head start on a beautiful Florida rose garden if you are buying your roses from a reputable Florida grower.

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May 28, 2020

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