Where to Begin?

Magnolia Front Porch

“… I keep writing about the ordinary because for me it’s the home of the extraordinary, the only home.”

Philip Levine

I write about ordinary days lived in an ordinary place. This means, of course, that I write about the most miraculous things and a place that is like no other on earth.

I live at Maplehurst. It is an old farmhouse tucked within a new neighborhood, and it is a spacious place.

Here is the story of how I came home. I am living a dream-come-true, but I wandered for years before I found the dream that lay buried, like a seed, within me. 

I write about doubt. I write about desire. I write about depression.  I write about motherhood, and I write about simplicity. I also write, a great deal, about books.

Welcome to Maplehurst.

I am glad you have come.

These days, most of my writing can be found in my books and in a monthly digital care package from the Black Barn called Paper&String.

You can also find me every day on Instagram. My main account is here, @christiepurifoy, but I also post regular updates to my garden account, @maplehurstgardens, and an account for our new gathering space, @maplehurstblackbarn

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