Where to Begin?

Magnolia Front Porch

“… I keep writing about the ordinary because for me it’s the home of the extraordinary, the only home.”

Philip Levine

I write about ordinary days lived in an ordinary place. This means, of course, that I write about the most miraculous things and a place that is like no other on earth.

I live at Maplehurst. It is an old farmhouse tucked within a new neighborhood, and it is a spacious place.

Here is the story of how I came home. I am living a dream-come-true, but I wandered for years before I found the dream that lay buried, like a seed, within me. 

I write about doubt. I write about desire. I write about depression.  I write about motherhood, and I write about simplicity. I also write, a great deal, about books.

Welcome to Maplehurst.

I am glad you have come.

These days, most of my writing can be found in my books, in my weekly Patheos column, and in my newsletter. You can also find me every day on Instagram.

My main account is here, @christiepurifoy, but I also post regular updates to my garden account, @maplehurstgardens, and an account for our new gathering space, @maplehurstblackbarn

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