Favorite Tulips


First, let me say this: my yard is un-fenced, and deer roam freely. Deer LOVE tulips.

What’s a gardener to do?

Plant daffodils. And that’s no joke! Daffodils come in so many beautiful colors and shapes, it really is no loss to plant masses of them in my flower garden, along the wooded edges of our property, in pots, and just about anywhere else I can think of.

But I still want tulips. So, I plant them in three ways. None are foolproof, but together these strategies ensure at least a few tulips every spring:

  • I plant tulips near our house, especially highly trafficked areas like doorways. I find that deer are less likely to eat these tulips.
  • I plant tulips in containers (see yesterday’s post in “How To”), then keep those pots in the house or on a table.
  • I planted tulips in my vegetable garden: my old vegetable garden was fenced. Each fall, I would plant two raised beds with tulip bulbs. In the spring, I would cut those flowers for the house. By the time the tulips were finished flowering, it was time to plant warm-weather loving tomatoes.

Here are some of my favorite tulip varieties:

Rem’s Favourite: (Pictured above) Purple and white streaks like an antique Dutch “Tulipmania” flower

Blushing Lady: Elegant tulip in pale pink and yellow. Great for cutting.

Dream Touch: Easily the most beautiful tulip I’ve grown. Ideal for cutting and bringing indoors to enjoy the silver-tipped layers. Almost looks like a peony.

Foxtrot and Foxy Foxtrot: Beautiful double tulips in pink and salmon.

Ollioules: One of the most perennial tulips I have grown. A beautiful, silvery pink for flowerbeds. This one does look best against a green backdrop, as the pale color can get a bit lost in the garden.

Queen of Night: Tall, rich purple, almost black. A stunning tulip in the garden or flower arrangement.

White Triumphator: My favorite for the flower garden and for planting around our house. Begins ivory and turns pure white. An elegant, tall, lily-shaped tulip.


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April 21, 2020

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