Favorite Daffodils


Say the word daffodil, and we tend to picture flowers like the beautiful ‘Ice Follies’ seen in the picture above.

But daffodils (properly called narcissus) come in so many varieties. I love the unique “fancy” daffodils, and any daffodil with scent. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Bridal Crown: A delicate, ruffled, scented daffodil that grows well in containers.
  • Gay Tabor: Like a scented cream puff with hints of orange. Delicious.
  • Thalia: Pure white, delicate, very elegant.
  • Rijnveld’s Early Sensation: The earliest-blooming daffodil I grow. A reliable and cheerful splash of yellow in late winter.
  • Poet’s Daffodil (poeticus recurvus): The latest daffodil to flower. Gorgeous, wild shape and wonderful scent

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April 22, 2020

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