This Cloak of Invisibility: A Guest Post

Jan 30, 2013

Are you visiting from Deidra’s place today? You are welcome here.

I’m an English PhD who recently traded the university classroom

for an old farmhouse and a writing desk.

I write about motherhood, I write about Jesus, I write about books.

I write to remember that life is magical.


seeing chicago


We all have questions. We each have stories to share. We need safe places to ask those questions, to tell those stories. When it comes to experiences of race those safe places can seem rare. Perhaps nonexistent.

I am grateful to be sharing this story at Jumping Tandem. I am grateful that Deidra Riggs has created a safe place.


 I am an introvert, and I am white.

I grew up in a technically desegregated, too-often-still segregated south, and whiteness eased my way.

It was my camouflage. My cloak of invisibility. It meant I never stood out in a crowd. Never felt all eyes on me. I was just part of the scenery, and I took the easiness of that for granted.

Until the day I stood in line for a new driver’s license.


You can read the rest of this story here.

Will you take the time to leave me a comment while you’re there? I’d love to hear your thoughts, your questions, your stories.



  1. Lisa-Jo @lisajobaker

    How much do I love that you’re guesting over at Deidra’s place! So much! Also, nice intro to new readers. Very nice 🙂

    • Christie Purifoy

      Hmmm … I wonder who I have to thank for that super helpful blogging tip?? 🙂

  2. Deidra

    Thank you SO much for sharing your story today! It was an honor to host you over at JumpingTandem!


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