My Favorite Tool for Tackling Weeds


How much do I love this tool?

Let me count the ways:

It is easy to hold. Now my fingers no longer cramp from too much pinching and pulling of deeply-buried roots.


It is sharp. I can scrape with the edge and make quick work of shallow-rooted weeds. I can dig and tug and cut with the point, pulling up dandelion taproots with (more or less) ease.


It is fairly inexpensive, as far as garden tools go. When I (inevitably) leave it buried and lost in some bed or border, I order a new one online.

Maybe I should order them two at a time … I love this tool so much, I should always like a backup.

You can find variations on this tool. It’s sometimes called a Nejiri Game Hoe (from Japan), a Cape Cod Weeder, or simply a hand weeder. The one I use comes from A.M. Leonard tools.


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March 27, 2020

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