Five Bulbs to Order in Spring and Plant in Fall


It may seem strange at first, but the best time to order the bulbs we plant in fall–bulbs like daffodils and tulips–is in spring.

Why would that be?

Two reasons:

  • It is easiest to see which spring flowers you want and where you want them while they are blooming. Spotted an especially beautiful parrot tulip on Instagram? Noticed a bare spot in your yard where daffodils would be ideal? You probably won’t remember that parrot tulip variety or that bare spot when it’s time to plant in fall but order them now and make a note of where you plan to put them, and you’ll have just want you want next spring.
  • Bulbs ordered from mail-order nurseries in spring will be shipped to you at just the right time for planting in fall. It can be difficult to remember spring flowers when the leaves are falling and the garden needs cleaning. There is no better reminder to plant spring bulbs than a box of them showing up on your front porch.

Here are some bulbs to consider ordering this spring:

  • Daffodils: These are deer and pest-resistant and grow up well even through grass. The trick is to leave the foliage alone until it yellows. Those green leaves feed the bulbs for next year’s display.
  • Tulips: I plant these close to the house to deter deer. I also like to plant them in a fenced-in raised bed. By the time I have cut all the tulips for the house, I can put tomatoes in the bed.
  • Scilla: These are tiny bulbs that flower in blue or white. I love planting a bunch underneath a spring-flowering tree to make a delicate blue or white carpet.
  • Crocus: I love planting the larger varieties in my flower beds, but I plant the small¬†tommasinianus variety in splashes across the lawn.
  • Allium: One of my absolute favorites. Individual bulbs are more expensive than other spring flowers because of the size of the bulbs, but they make a huge impact in the garden with their enormous globes of purple, pink, or white. Even the dried seed-heads look great all summer.


  • Peony: Though it isn’t a bulb, peonies do best planted in the fall. Order in spring for fall delivery.

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April 29, 2020

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