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“A thoughtful, grounded work.” -Anne Bogel, creator of Modern Mrs. Darcy

“Is there a special prize for the best books about home? If so, I want to give it to Christie Purifoy.” -Myquillyn Smith, author of Cozy Minimalist Home

“As Purifoy so lyrically illustrates, placemaking isn’t just what we make of our places. It’s the spiritual practice of naming, of knowing, of remembering.” -Jen Pollock Michelaward-winning author of Teach Us to Want

“Carl Rogers said, ‘What is most personal is most universal.’ I kept thinking of that while reading Christie Purifoy’s smart and beautiful book.” -John Blase, author of The Jubilee: Poems

“Christie Purifoy has given the world a deeply beautiful and profound work of art.” -Kris Camealyauthor of Come, Lord Jesus

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It can be good to let this season reveal itself … slowly. #adventatmaplehurst
Happy Thanksgiving Eve, US friends. When I was growing up, we always decorated for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving, but then we took everything down by Jan 1. Since my kids were little, we have observed the traditional 12 days of Christmastide (Dec 25-Jan 5), which has meant decorating slowly over Advent and taking everything (except my big paper star!) down on Epiphany (Jan 6). I appreciate how calendars allow us to live out stories in time, and I love the story of expectation / fulfillment / revelation that Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany embody. ✨ Advent doesn’t begin until December 3 this year, and I still haven’t decided if I’ll do any decorating this weekend. Eventually, I’ll clear this table for our tabletop Christmas tree. I’ll miss a good spot for piles of books (I have so many piles!), but twinkly lights and piled presents really are preferred by everyone else in this house. 😉 🎄
#weareplacemakers #autumnatmaplehurst
Savoring the last autumn days over here ✨🍁✨
Today I went for a walk and ended up in a painting.
#wyethcountry #longwoodgardens #autumnatmaplehurst
The key to happiness in these darker months? Embrace the cozy. Welcome hibernation. 🔥🕯️✨
Some people chase beauty all over the world. I prefer to watch and wait and let it come to me 🍁❄️🌷🌻
#autumnatmaplehurst #savourtheseasonalshift
Have you reserved your copy? 🌺🍎🦋
#seedtimeandharvest #wearegardenmakers
All Hallows’ Eve at Maplehurst 🍁🎃🌺 Not pictured: 🍫🍬🍭

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