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🍐Here’s what’s happening 👉🏼September at Maplehurst is always extra full and extra heavy and extra sweet, but this one is shaping up to be … well, extra. All four of my kids will head back to school in person for the first time in ages. My firstborn will turn 18. My baby will turn nine, which might not seem like such a significant birthday, but it’s the age her sister was when we first moved to this old house. And I’m feeling, remembering, anticipating. 🍐 (and picking fruit—I’ve never been a very diligent orchard keeper, but our peach, apple, and pear trees are heavy with fruit; a sign of the season I’m embracing with grateful heart and sticky fingers.)
Also, beginning in September I will be sharing this next book with you in earnest. I’ll read to you, I’ll share an amazing filmed book trailer with you, and so much more (maybe you want to pre-order from your favorite retailer while it’s on your mind?)
But first? August. And rest. This month is for a family vacation, some writing projects, and, yes, baking with all that fruit. You won’t see me in this space much for a bit, as I focus on these late-summer gifts. But I’ll be back soon! 😘
PS Thank you for continuing to help me spread the word about this book! She’s a beauty, and I know you will love her. 🪴
When I was young, I was so concerned that my life would matter; I wanted to make a difference, change the world, leave my mark.
Now I know you can do those things simply with seeds, soil, vision. And maybe a good garden hose.
#wearegardenmakers #cultivatingglory #weareplacemakers
Sunday morning still life.
I had eggs for breakfast. My hands are stained with pollen. This vignette looked so beautiful. Because I have a camera, and Instagram, I can share it with you.
I am grateful, content.
I’m not sure I’ve ever worked so hard to keep the tears back as I did when recording today’s new episode of Out of the Ordinary Books. You don’t have to be a mother to feel gutted by any story of a child’s pain.
But at the end of this story is an invitation. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me.” AND WE CAN HELP THAT HAPPEN.
#outoftheordinarybooks #compassionlive


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