This is the story of your worst fear come true.

This is a conversation about trusting God with our kids, and others we love, this new year. Christie and Lisa-Jo recorded this episode after celebrating one son’s eleventh birthday in the Black Barn at Maplehurst. If children make wishes when they blow out birthday candles, the parents who love them make wishes, too. Mostly we want our kids to be safe.

But what if God wants to give them something better, something more, than safety?

Christie tells the story of the terrible mistake that almost cost her young son’s life, leading to a conversation filled with hard questions and trustworthy promises. If you worry about what this year might bring to those you love most in the world, this episode is for you.

Out of the Ordinary

The podcast for anyone who’s ever felt the nagging frustration of wondering if her life is too small, too boring or too ordinary to make a difference. Lisa-Jo Baker and Christie Purifoy, longtime friends and bestselling authors, explore the surprising ways that cultivating ordinary life leads to extraordinary stories.

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Christie Purifoy

Christie Purifoy


A writer and gardener, her favorite ordinary things include strawberry jam, homegrown flowers, and old books with someone else’s notes in them.

Find Christie’s books here.

Lisa-Jo Baker

Lisa-Jo Baker


A reader and writer, her favorite ordinary things include hot tea with milk and sugar, a good movie, her mom’s hand-me-down books and Sunday afternoon naps.

Find Lisa-Jo’s books here.


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