Ep 4 – How Our Show Got Its Name

Oct 3, 2018

This is the story about strawberry jam and Wednesday night parenting.

Because this is the story about how our podcast got it’s name. Buried deep in the thick of the most ordinary things we could think of was the surprising discovery that everything we valued most might easily be described as ordinary, if not even boring on some days.

It was an unexpected person who pointed out to us the obvious name for our show that we’d totally missed. Which in turn inspired us to start looking at these small, seemingly ordinary traditions as landmarks in a family.

Because we believe that ordinary life is inherently more than enough to make a difference at the cellular level of our lives. In a culture that worships bigger, faster, more, here is the story of how we aim to push back and dig deep into the spiritual truths that the Kingdom of God has always been best reflected in a grain of wheat, a mustard seed, a widow’s mite, a small jar of oil, five loaves and two fishes.

We want to offer our listeners permission to find value in their everyday lives again.

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Out of the Ordinary

The podcast for anyone who’s ever felt the nagging frustration of wondering if her life is too small, too boring or too ordinary to make a difference. Lisa-Jo Baker and Christie Purifoy, longtime friends and bestselling authors, explore the surprising ways that cultivating ordinary life leads to extraordinary stories.

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Christie Purifoy

Christie Purifoy


A writer and gardener, her favorite ordinary things include strawberry jam, homegrown flowers, and old books with someone else’s notes in them.

Find Christie’s books here.

Lisa-Jo Baker

Lisa-Jo Baker


A reader and writer, her favorite ordinary things include hot tea with milk and sugar, a good movie, her mom’s hand-me-down books and Sunday afternoon naps.

Find Lisa-Jo’s books here.


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When I was a little girl growing up in Texas, my favorite book was The Secret Garden. I never felt like I belonged. Never felt completely understood. But some things just take time. 💚🥰
Sunday in Cambridge. Roses. The sounds of singing and bells. A church tower that has stood for one thousand years.
Such a wonderful, beautiful waste of time. 💗 What? You thought time was meant to be “used”? 😉 Here’s to more play, less productivity this summer. 
#maplehurstroses #ahomeinbloom #fromdaffodilstodahlias
You say gardens can’t have a sense of humor? The alliums would like a word. 😉
#wearegardenmakers #maplehurstflowergarden #flowergarden #alliums
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