Advent (Day 16): A Time for Joy

Dec 16, 2013

Time is undone, and the light will swiftly come.

Can you feel it? Can you begin to see it?

We are still waiting, still it is dark night, and yet … joy. We know the light is near because there is joy.



time and tide



“Let us View With Joy and Mirth”


Let us view with joy and mirth

All the clocks upon the earth

Holding time with busy tocking

Ticking booming clanging clocking

Anxiously unraveling

Time’s traveling

Through the stars and winds and tides.

Who can tell where time abides?


Foolish clocks, all time was broken

When that first great Word was spoken.

Cease we now this silly fleeing

From earth’s time, for time’s a being

And adoring

Bows before him

Who upon the throne is seated.

Time, defeated, wins, is greeted.


Clocks know not time’s loving wonder

Day above as night swings under,

Turning always to the son,

Time’s begun, is done, does run

Singing warning

Of the morning

Time, mass, space, a mystery

Of eternal trinity.


Time needs make no poor apology

For bursting forth from man’s chronology

Laughs in glee as human hours

Dance before the heavenly powers.

Time’s undone

Because the Son

Swiftly calls the coming light

That will end the far-spent night.


–     Madeleine L’Engle, from The Irrational Season


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  1. Shelly Miller

    Love Madeline, her words make me sigh. Happy Monday to you Christie.


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