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If there is one thing I am sure of after two years of desert living, it is that darkness can be a gift. It is often (perhaps always?) the only possible beginning for new life.

After all, the very darkest night is the night of the new moon.

Here is one more poem from one of my favorite collections, Luci Shaw’s Accompanied by Angels: Poems of the Incarnation.


The Overshadow

“… the power of the Most High will overshadow you …”

Luke 1:35


When we think of God, and

angels, and the Angel,

we suppose ineffable light.


So there is surprise in the air

when we see him bring to Mary,

in her lit room, a gift of darkness.


What is happening under that

huge wing of shade? In that mystery

what in-breaking wildness fills her?


She is astonished and afraid; even in

that secret twilight she bends her head,

hiding her face behind the curtain


of her hair; she knows that

the rest of her life will mirror

this blaze, this sudden midnight.

–          Luci Shaw


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