advent angels

We gathered around our advent wreath Sunday night.

The boys were too loud, and the baby needed to be fed halfway through, the three-year-old whined because we wouldn’t light all four candles, and then, of course, everyone fought over who would get to blow the candle out. But, the dining-room lights were low, and it was sort of beautiful, too.

We avoided wordy explanation and long prayers and passed out bread and grape juice instead (gluten-free for the big boy). My bread was a little stale, but, like I said, the lights were low, and it was all sort of beautiful.

If Advent is supposed to be a kind of journey, I wonder where we’ll be in a few more weeks. Will anything be different? Will I be any different?

It’s hard to imagine because my hormones are in new-baby upheaval and the boys I love so much are much too loud so I’m always yelling when I mean to be loving and the only change I can imagine is this:

We will sit together by the light of four candles instead of one.

The room we share will be just a little brighter.

My family may look its best in low light, but I still think this is what I want – this is the change I most desire.

A little more light to see by.

And the grace to love what it reveals.


What does Advent look like to you? Click here for the Advent flickr group hosted by our own photographer, Kelli Campbell.

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