breakfast circles

Once upon a time, Mondays on this website were devoted to poetry. Because the small bites of poetry are about the only literary food I have time for these days, I’m reviving the tradition. Please tell me what you think. Would you like a poem each week?

To help you make up your mind, here’s one from a favorite poet, Luci Shaw. 

It reminds me that my own “quotidian wilderness” (a land of baby bottles and cinnamon toast, children with sniffles and autumn leaves) is saturated with glory.



They asked, and he brought quails,

and gave them food from heaven. Psalms 105:40


I’m not asking for quails for dinner

and, if they flew in my window, at mealtime,

in a torrent of wind, I would think

aggravation, not miracle.


Time is so multiple and fluid. If I lose a day

flying the Pacific and gain it back

returning, perhaps the prayer I offered

this morning at first light

was known and answered last week.


You never know what a simple request

will get you. So, no plea for birds

from heaven. Rather, I will commit myself

to this quotidian wilderness, watching for what

the wind may bring me next –

perhaps a minor wafer tasting like honey

that I can pick up with my fingers

and lay on my tongue to ease, for this day,

my hunger to know.

–          Luci Shaw


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