Today, I have a song for you instead of a poem. 

It isn’t that I had no time for reading this weekend.  I spent most of Saturday and Sunday tucked up close to a window, book in hand, enjoying the cool breeze.  It’s only that I played Gungor’s just-released album as background music, but the story this album tells refuses to stay in the background.  I kept lowering my book in order to pay better attention to Gungor’s stories. 

Ghosts Upon the Earth is an album* to listen to from start to end, from God creating (“Let There Be”) to creation worshipping (“Every Breath”).

I’ve written quite a bit about waiting.  This song, “The Fall,” puts it so much better than I ever could, especially when the line “turn your face to me,” becomes a duet.

I have sometimes wondered lately if I am waiting on God or if God is waiting on me.  I think that the same can be said of our world.  We look around at all the misery and wonder why God seems silent.  Some pray, “God, turn your face to me.” 

But how can we forget that God whispers the same words to us?   God waits for his creation, he waits for us, and he cries, “Turn your face to me, turn your face to me.” 


* When I introduce music on this blog, it’s because I’ve already purchased the song (or, more likely, the entire album) for myself, and I think you should too! 


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