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It’s unusual for someone to come to my house and not have a book pressed into their hands. If you stay with me, I will place a stack of books I think you might like by the bed in my third-floor guest room. You will not be allowed to leave until I have slipped a book into your suitcase.

This page is me giving you a peak at the bookshelves lining the walls of this old farmhouse. This page is me slipping a book into your hand.

First, a few disclaimers. I don’t promise reviews in exchange for free books. Southern niceness is bred deep into my bones, and I know I could never be impartial. Of course, don’t let that stop you from sending me free books, if you are so inclined. However, if I mention a book here, it is almost always because I have sought it out myself at the bookstore or library or I have been given it by a friend.

Some of these posts contain amazon affiliate links. If you are lucky enough to have a local, independent bookstore then, by all means, please do your shopping there. Independent booksellers are a rare but precious breed. They deserve trophies, ribbons, and as many book-buying dollars as we can spare.

Here are my farmhouse bookshelves, week by week:

Favorite Gardening Books

Advent Favorites

How to Slow Time

The Ministry of Flowers

In a Time of Violence

Comfort Reading

Festival of Faith and Writing

Before and After

More Favorites for Advent and Christmas

Favorites for Advent and Christmas

Essays, the Amish, and a Picture Book

Inspired By Alaska

The Simple Life

Beach Optional Beach Reads

Late-Winter Reading

Cabin Fever

Writing-a-Book Edition

A Giveaway (Plus Advent Books)

Books By the Fire

Plant and Seed Catalogs

When Pride Gets in the Way

Summer Edition

Dreams in Alphabetical Order

Tasha, Dear Tasha

Spring Reading

Spring and Green, Growing Things

My Kitchen Bookshelves

Books for a Snowstorm

Christmas Picture Books for Everyone

Books for Advent

Our Favorite Christmas Books

Autumn Books

In Praise of Second-Hand Books

Fairytales and Vintage Favorites

Babies and Belief

Walking with the Seasons

Best of My Summer

For Summer

Books About Books (And Bookish Places)

With Mothers in Mind

Birthday Boy Edition

In the Garden

Fairytales for Grownups

Favorite Mysteries

Cozy Classics

Poetry Forever

Characters I Adore

Food, Food, Beautiful Food

Books I Don’t Know Why I Read But Am So Glad I Did

Snow Day

Downton Abbey Edition

Favorite Memoirs

Chickens, Unicorns, and Everyday Magic

The Second Peek (In Which I Give You My Heart on a Platter)

The First Peek (In Which I Give You Vintage Cakes and a Great Novel)

p.s. Don’t forget to read the comments for more great recommendations. You can also find more of me and my books on Goodreads.


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