Christie Purifoy is a writer, a reader, a wife, and a mother.  She declines to order those roles according to their importance but does admit to occasionally feeding her children cold cereal for dinner so that she can read just one more chapter.

In 2010, she received her PhD in English Literature from the University of Chicago and has taught literature and composition to undergraduates at the University of Chicago, the School of the Art Institute, Chicago, and the University of North Florida.

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She considers her three children to be walking, talking (and, too often, whiny, arguing) embodiments of God’s good love.  She describes her experience with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome and infertility in a memoir, Moonlight in Winter.  This is a story of how God draws near when we are in pain.  It is written for men and women, married and single, parents or not.  It is written for everyone who has ever asked, “Where is God when I hurt?”

Christie believes that God is writing a love story for every person who follows Him.  Her own life has been a journey of love, but it is through pain that the story of this love has been revealed.


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