Greetings from the Land of Waterfalls, Glitter, and Unicorns


(photo by yours truly)

Okay, maybe not that last one.  But, really, it wouldn’t at all surprise me to see a unicorn drinking from one of these dappled mountain streams. 

We’re enjoying a family vacation this week.  The air is blessedly cool.  The pools and streams are icy, and when my children come out after swimming they look as if they’ve been dipped in gold glitter.  My husband, who will always carry with him the rock-collecting Boy Scout he once was, could tell you why.  Mica?  Quartz?  I don’t know, but it’s lovely.

I’ll be back in this space next week.  I’m just popping in briefly tonight to say thank you.  I’ve enjoyed one full week in my beautiful new online home, and I am feeling very grateful for the super-smart design wizards who have made this possible.  Thank you, Adam, and everyone else at McLane Creative.  Tech-y, computer stuff seems like rocket science to me and just thinking about it makes me bite my nails, but you made this process entirely painless . . . actually, better than that: it was enjoyable!

If anyone reading this needs help with web design and development, someone to help you take that “next step” online, may I recommend my new friends at McLane Creative?  They are the web design equivalent of a mountain vacation (waterfalls, glitter, and unicorns included).


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