A Poem for Your Monday

february sunshine


This is the first (and best) of all refrigerator poetry. It reminds me that the line between the mess of everyday and the wholeness of art is sometimes very slight. And yet, there is a line. Transforming ordinary raw materials (a pigment, a word) is not as easy as it looks.

If the raw material is depleted or broken, what then? Light from darkness. Beauty from ashes. Is it possible?

Those are cosmic considerations. This … well, this is more like a post-it note turned poem. And yet, when Williams turns the ordinary into something lovely, I perceive a giant’s theology on a dollhouse scale.

                         This Is Just To Say

                    I have eaten

                    the plums

                    that were in

                    the icebox


                    and which

                    you were probably


                    for breakfast


                    Forgive me

                    they were delicious

                    so sweet

                    and so cold

                         – William Carlos Williams

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