A Small, Silly Thing

Mar 31, 2015

I am a creature of habit. I thrive on routine and ritual.

In our home, if something happens twice, it’s a tradition. And it will keep on and keep on and keep on.

Sometimes, this is how I create heavy burdens and too-high expectations. I’ve had to teach myself how to let things go. I’ve had to learn to find the humor in the fact that a child will hold tightly to some ritual they never liked all that much simply because you’ve canceled it.


But the rhythm of daily life changes. Rituals come and go and, yes, sometimes they come back.

I’m writing about one such family ritual for a Tuesday blog series hosted by the wonderful Cara Meredith. Every Tuesday you’ll find a new story inspired by this thought: “The boring rituals make the story deeper.”

Because they do, don’t they? Life is composed almost entirely of small, boring things. Silly things. Inconsequential things. But if we take the time to stop, to look, to trace the pattern of just one or two of these very small things … well, we may see how a bubble of water becomes a spring becomes a river.

I’m sharing the story of one of our own silly, little things. It’s a very small thing. But I know that if my parents or siblings are reading, if my children were reading, they would feel something very real, and deep, and powerful when they read these words:

Shake the love around.

I hope you’ll read my story. And while you’re there, I hope you’ll explore Cara’s website, and I hope you’ll read through all her Tuesday guest posts. It’s a treasure trove.


  1. Larry Ebaugh

    This Easter weekend I’m planning to drive 300 miles to my daughter’s home. She and her husband have four children ranging in age from 4 to 12. I shall introduce to them “Shake the love around”. It should prove interesting. Thank you . . .

  2. Hannah McDonald

    Oh, Christie. This is lovely! As you may know I suddenly and recently lost my momma, and I wonder, how will I survive? It’s this new-old things that bubble to the surface that connect us and heal us.

    Thank you.


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